Residential Construction

Building a home can be a joyful and rewarding experience. Choosing the style, floor plan, size and location is both challenging and daunting. Once you have decided on the home you want to build and where to build it, you now have to make, perhaps the most crucial decision of all; who to select to be your builder. How do you choose the builder?

Just like the many different styles and types of homes available there are different types of builders. We generally view them in three distinct classes; Production builder, semi-custom builder and custom builder.

The production builder is the high volume, tract home builder. These builders are typically large, national or regional companies and are building in large subdivisions or communities with hundreds of lots and various locations. They usually have several models, in various price ranges, available to tour and you can select from one of their models and lots. Changes to these models tend to be very limited and very expensive.

The semi-custom builder does small to medium volume building and can typically be found in smaller subdivisions. Many semi-custom builders have model centers located in the areas they build in and you can tour these models to get a feel for the quality and pricing of their homes. They may have several View Residential Gallery different variations of their standard model and offer various other homes, already priced to be built on your private lot. Changes to these builders homes are easier to make but can become expensive based on the complexity of the change.

Custom builders are the "start from scratch, build what you want" type builders. These builders typically construct very few homes per year and work one on one with you, your architect, designer, engineers, etc. Selection of this type of builder is more critical then others because of the relationship required to construct the home from thoughts to completion. A knowledgeable custom builder can help you with all facets of building your new home.

Alexander Building Corporation is a custom builder. We have constructed some of the area's finest homes and each customer referral speaks for itself. So, if youíre looking for a custom builder to help guide you through the many decisions and endless choices available, contact us and letís begin building your dream home today!